Professional steam cleaning system with AISI 304 stainless steel boiler and external anti-limescale heating element(4.5 L.) GVK5P SPECIAL INOX

The GVK5P SPECIAL INOX model is made with an AISI 304 stainless steel boiler and external anti-limescale resistance that allow:
- to have great performance and reliability over time
- to produce professional dry steam up to 2 hours of use with 1 liter of water
- vaporize all the water introduced into the boiler for longer times of use of the steam (energy class A ++)
The resistance is not in contact with the water introduced into the boiler because it is placed under the stainless steel boiler: for this reason it is protected from limescale attacks.
All components such as the thermostat, the solenoid valve, the pressure switch and the closing cap with safety valve automatically control the perfect functioning of the steam generator ensuring maximum efficiency and excellent steam quality.
GVK5P SPECIAL INOX, with manual water refill, produces dry steam after a few minutes from ignition.
The steam generator has a support for the accessory, a support base with 5 wheels, the steam ready indicator, the drain cock and 2 ignition switches with anti-drip cap.
High quality components for a perfect job!

The professional steam generator allows effective and fast cleaning of floors, bathroom fixtures, surfaces, rooms, objects, ...
The dry steam is the best solution to sanitize and eliminate all dirt: grease, encrustations, bacteria, mites, germs, fungi, ...
The best professional solution for home, small and large businesses such as:
- Cleaning companies, car washes, restaurants and hotels
- Premises open to the public (farm holidays, hospitals, beauty centers, gyms, ...) and professional food laboratories (bakeries, dairies, pastry shops, food shops) and for which maximum hygiene is required according to HACCP self-control regulations;
- Treatment of surfaces for the removal of difficult dirt (kitchens, bathroom fixtures, glass, floors, upholstery, sofas, armchairs, parquet, curtains, ...);
- Cleaning and sanitizing of objects (jewelers, doctors' offices, dental technicians, cellars, breweries, shoemakers, cork factories, ...).
Supplied n. 11 standard accessories for every cleaning, hygiene and sanitizing need.


Fields of application:
The quality of the steam allows to intervene in many fields for a definitive solution of problems related to cleaning, hygiene and sanitation.
DOMESTIC: floors, surfaces, walls, sanitary ware, kitchen, refrigerators, freezers, freezers, air conditioners, armchairs, sofas, mattresses, carpets, parquet, curtains, chairs, ...
FOOD*: work surfaces, floors, claddings and air conditioners, ventilation ducts, walls, removal of food residues and waste, grid's grease and encrustations, cooking trays, ovens, ...
RESTAURANTS*: hobs, extractor hoods, ventilation ducts, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers. Machinery and equipment for the preparation of dishes, floors, chairs, tables, curtains, bathroom fixtures, ...
PHARMACEUTICAL: laboratory equipment and specific instruments. Ventilation ducts, air conditioners, conveyor belts, machinery, floors, work surfaces, windows, coatings, ...
MECHANICAL SECTOR: grease, oil and tar generated by mechanical parts, equipment, ventilation ducts, electrical panels, conveyor belts, machinery, floors, work surfaces, sanitary ware, coatings, ...
HEALTHCARE: floors and walls of operating rooms, surgical and laboratory instruments, dental appliances, ambulances, specific veterinary instruments, sanitary ware, ventilation ducts, floors, windows, kitchens, ...
HOTEL, SPA, FITNESS*: floors, work surfaces, bathrooms and sanitary ware, carpets, parquet and rugs, mattresses and fabrics in general. Changing rooms, showers, poolside, saunas and Turkish baths, gym equipment, beauty center, ventilation ducts, elevators, ...
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: seats, bunks, curtains and elimination of unpleasant odors from fabrics and interiors of all kinds, flooring , windows, bathrooms and doors, external bodywork of transport vehicles, engines and air conditioning systems, chewing gum removal, ...
PUBLIC AGENCIES: cleaning of floors, walls and any type of vertical and horizontal surface in offices and closed areas or outdoors. Sanitation of public toilets, play equipment and facilities for public use. Removal of graffiti, debris, chewing-gum, ...
CAR WASH: car's exteriors and interiors such as seats, mats, air conditioning ducts, windows, dashboard, gloveboxes, luggage racks. Elimination of unpleasant odors, removal of stubborn stains, chewing-gum, ...
*Dry steam cleaning can be used for all sanitation activities compliant with HACCP guidelines with customized operating pressure (specific for fabrics, surface sanitization, cleaning: 2 - 3 - 4 - 4.5 - 5 - 6 BAR).

REDUCTION OF ALLERGIC SYMPTOMS: the high temperatures of the steam eliminate fungi, molds and dust mites, the main causes of allergies;
SAVING COSTS FOR DETERGENTS: thanks to the pressure and high temperatures of the steam, the surfaces are clean and sanitized without the use of chemicals, such as detergents and sanitizers;
KILLING OF BACTERIA AND MICROBES: the high temperatures at which the steam is delivered allow the killing of pathogens, such as microbes and bacteria, present on the surfaces;
WATER SAVING: the use of water to carry out any type of cleaning is drastically reduced;
RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: thanks to the lower consumption of water and detergents;
SAFETY: the operators who use steam avoid the use of dangerous solvents and detergents;
EFFICIENCY: cleaning is carried out quickly and effortlessly.

- Power supply 230 Volts
- Boiler volume 4.5 liters
- Energy saving boiler power 1450 Watt (A ++)
- Dry steam production
- Manual water refill
- Professional anti-limescale system
- Steam ready light
- Boiler activation and ignition switches
- Carrying handle
- Support with wheels
- Closing cap with safety valve
- Drain cock (on request)

Modular steam generator with standard and optional accessories.
Standard accessories supplied (11 pieces):
- Steam handle with 2 meter flexible hose
- Steam squeegee
- Steam accessories connection
- Steam floor brush
- Triangular steam brush
- Steam Lance
- Steam Lance with metal extension
- Nr. 2 extensions 420 mm
- PVC brush for steam lance
- Brass brush for steam lance
Optional accessories:
- Professional nebulizer (€ 119,00)
- Handle and flexible tube 5 mt + standard lance (€ 210,00)
- Precision steam gun with connector (€ 110,00)
- Professional steam brush with connector (€ 150,00)
- Base with 5 wheels (€ 145,00)
- Support for steam handle (€ 45,00)

Dimensions: 25x29x42 H cm.
Product weight: 13 Kg
Shipping weight: 15 Kg

Price (VAT included)

779,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
896,00 Euro (100 - 110 - 120 Volts)
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