AEOLUS Appliances is a global company with retailers and representative agencies in 65 countries.

Our core business is the production and distribution of highly innovative, functional, and long-lasting quality products.

AEOLUS Appliances is composed of "Home" and "Professional" divisions that work synergistically through two efficient R&D and Marketing Analysis operating structures, to provide effective responses to the changing needs of our society with a wide range of appliances and professional devices for companies.

The international headquarter is located in Florence (Italy), the cradle of creative and innovative people. The company was born from the experience of Squilloni Industries with over 60 years of experience in the WASHING, DRYING, IRONING & CLEANING sectors, both in domestic and professional environments.


Back in the 1960s, a young man of humble origins used do deliver laundry products on his bicycle for a modest company.
Ten years later, this young man, Giovanni Squilloni, created an industrial and commercial group which was soon known throughout Europe and worldwide.
This group was composed of manufacturing, commercial and franchising companies specialized in the professional and industrial sector of laundries and ironing shops.
During the 90s, Giovanni Squilloni has expanded the business with his children’s help, creating a particular organized structure dedicated to the study and creation of professional devices, to meet private customers’ and small businesses’ needs.
These quality products still offer excellent performance, and make it possible to do domestic work such as ironing, cleaning, washing and drying in the most efficient and rapid way.
After 60 years of experience, Squilloni family still runs the AEOLUS business with the same enthusiasm and working ethic that the founder took up.


Our products are designed to respect the environment and are suitable for demanding customers who require high performance, functional durability, ease of use and working speed, for the most diverse purposes:
- ironing jeans with just one movement thanks to the extraordinary dry steam;
- ironing and drying shirts automatically;
- sanitizing industrial ovens or domestic carpets;
- cleaning cars or trucks.

Community well-being is the main objective to be achieved through a constant attention to create innovative and excellent products, always compatible with a careful policy of environmental respect: all our products are 100% recyclable, thanks to a careful selection of suppliers and the complete involvement in the product processes.

AEOLUS actively participates in the "Social Responsibility" project and donates part of its profits to associations and charitable organizations. In addition, it supports and promotes the “Green Economy” in its business behavior and reinforces the awareness of the role and social responsibility towards the communities in which AEOLUS operates.


To guarantee AEOLUS best quality products, we have decided:
- To carefully select all our suppliers and to buy quality components from companies which adopt a clear labor protection policy;
- To constantly invest in the training and specialization of our employees;
- To perform a triple check on each individual product: we begin with a meticulous verification of raw materials, then we carefully monitor the assembly of the product’s components, and lastly, we check on operation and product quality;
- To provide clients, be it private or corporate, with all the necessary information, before and after using the products;
- To promptly solve any technical issue.

The certified quality of our products guarantees the best functional performance and durability.
All our products are new, sealed and tested with a triple check. They have a warranty seal ensuring that the devices’ quality is Certified & Guaranteed. This method guarantees the total quality of AEOLUS products and all its parts such as the iron plate, the ironing board cover, the vacuum cleaner filter, the steam nozzle handle of the cleaning systems, the IronDryers vest and components, etc.


The success of AEOLUS is given by the complete satisfaction of all our customers and the people who work in AEOLUS with passion: from the employee to the specialized technician, from the sales agent to the production manager.
We thank them every day for their dedication.
Our strengths are the enterprising and dynamic spirit of our staff (50% women) and the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.
Our products are suitable for demanding customers who are looking for high performance, functional durability over time, practicality and speed in works such as:
- ironing a pair of jeans with one single movement with the iron;
- ironing a shirt automatically;
- sanitizing and cleaning an industrial oven, a simple carpet at home, your car or even a bus with the power and effectiveness of steam;
...These are just some of the simple actions made possible thanks to the revolutionary and innovative AEOLUS products.


AEOLUS is one of the few global companies operating in the domestic and professional sector, always customizing products based on the specific needs of its clients.

For example:
- The size of our mannequins is adjustable to iron and dry shirts with the best results;
- Ironing tables are available in different heights;
- All cleaning systems offer a wide range of accessories; ... and more.


Here below are shown the main datas of the last 5 years of AEOLUS company, illustrating the top of the guaranteed Italian production.

5 years of Aeolus Company
5 years of Aeolus Company



Goods are dispatched via standard or express service