The IronDryers are the first appliances able to make easy and comfortable drying and ironing (IRONDRYING) shirts, blouses, polo shirts, trousers and jeans.
The warm air jet allows in few minutes, automatically and in complete safety, to perform one of the most uncomfortable, tiring and expensive domestic and professional work: ironing and drying.




There are various versions of IronDryers: for a domestic use, semi-professional use (small business as holiday farms and B&B), professional use (ironing centers or laundries) and industrial use (industrial laundries). The differences between the domestic devices and the professional ones are the power and the irondrying times, but also some components have a better quality and a longer duration in time. This difference allows to respect domestic safety regulations, and most of all the professional ones. The choice between a professional and a domestic irondryer depends on the quantity of shirts/trousers you need to iron in a week.
The garments are ironed very well (often better than the steam iron or the laundry service). To get good results, the shirt has to be still damp so that the wrinkles are not fixed yet on the fabric.

The IronDryer is very easy to use:
- The damp garment has to be positioned on the mannequin after the centrifuge of the washing machine or the “easy ironing” setting of the dryer, which leaves the garment damp without drying it completely.
- Warm air is introduced in the dress shirt and it allows to dry and to iron the fabric simultaneously and automatically, remaining inflated and well stretched.
For convenience, damp shirts are washed also the evening before and irondried leisurely the day after or at the first chance.
Usually 5-6 shirts are enough to learn device’s operation, considering that the procedure is similar to “dress a doll”.
In this website are available also some videos.
IronDryers represent an essential help to comfortably iron and dry garments:
- Shirts, blouses, polo shirts, work overalls,… made of linen, cotton, flannel, silk, mixture,…, with sizes from XS to XXXXL ,long or short sleeves, regular or slim fit, with Italian, French, Korean , semi French, or buttondown collar.
- Trousers and shorts from size XS to XXXXL made of  light cotton, wool, velvet, jeans.
There are many shirt models but thanks to the opportunity to adjust the “dress shirt” we are able to irondry them easily and in a more comfortable way than using the steam iron.


irondryer advantage

The IronDryer has a lot of important advantages compared to the steam iron and to the classic household dryer :
1 - EARN FREE TIME: we can easily leave the mannequin turned on, while watching TV or doing housework, and also avoid to bring and pick up garments from the laundry.
2 - SAVE EFFORT: it irons automatically even the most tough and difficult fabric like linen and cotton, and you don't need to hang up garments anymore.
3 - SAVE MONEY: compared to the cost of laundry service, or paying a colf for ironing.
4 - RESPECT FABRICS: which are gently dried and ironed at low temperatures (around 55 °C): in this way the fibres of the fabrics last longer because they are not stressed by the hot steam iron (until 180 °C) they are not consumed from the possible use of a dryer.
5 - REMOVE THE RISKS of damaging people or objects, like wrinkles, scorch, shiny reflections, ruined buttons and burns (especially if we consider the presence of children at home), caused by the use of the steam iron.
6 - COMFORT of wearing the already dried and ironed garment only a few minutes after the end of the washing machine, and reducing the problems connected with dampness and with the lack of space at home while using the traditional drying rack.
7 - INDEPENDENCE from weather conditions (rain, cold or humidity), which caused the increase of the drying times, and avoid to put the washed clothes in contact with the smog of the city.
8 - Opportunity of IRONING IN VERTICAL dried garments, using a steam iron or a steam brush able to easily iron in vertical position and without experience in ironing on the ironing board (thanks to the inflation of the dress shirt which stretches the garment automatically).
Every mannequin has the function “COLD AIR” TO REFRESH jackets, heavy jackets, parkas, coats, overcoats,…(remained closed in the wardrobe). Opportunity of using the IronDryers as a fan heater with 360° warm diffusion, thanks to their practicality and safety. All the devices are provided with specific accessories to stretch and iron cuffs and collar, but the user can also decide not to use them and do a few seconds revision at the end of the irondrying with the steam iron.
We report under the specifications of various models and types of IronDryers:
2) SEMI-PROFESSIONAL (230 Volts - they can be used also in a domestic sphere)
3) PROFESSIONAL (230 Volts – they can be used also in a domestic sphere)
4) SELF-SERVICE MODELS (for self services activities and activities with tokens service)


The Model “Family2” SA01 INOX (1.500 watt) allows to irondry shirts while the model SA04 INOX (1.500 watt) allows to irondry shirts and trousers too. Also the model “Leonardo” SA05 irondries shirts and trousers but it has a base equipped with wheels, a pneumatic regulation of height and a superior power (1.550 watt) which allows reducing irondrying times compared to the model SA04 INOX. We also have 2 models named “Irondryer”- type SA03 (for shirts) and type SA10 (for trousers) which consume 1.300 watt\h of electric energy compared to the 1.500 watt/h of the standard models (although irondrying a shirt takes one minute longer, if we consider about 400-600 irondried shirts per year, we have a significant energy saving). The latest introduced mannequins models SA04 R and SA04 E are respectively the device SA02 + accessories for trousers and SA03 + accessories for trousers. There is also the mannequin model SA04 RE for shirts and trousers which has 4 wheels to allow a comfortable ground transfer and a low energy consumption (1300 watt/h).


(Often requested by private customers and designed for a more intense use compared to the domestic one, up to 50-60 shirts per week).
- Leonardo SA06 INOX (1.650 watt)
- Leonardo Steam SA18 (maximum power 2.900 watt)
“Leonardo” model SA06 INOX allows to irondry shirts and trousers and it is equipped with his own base support, height regulation and wheels. “Leonardo Steam” model SA18 allows to irondry shirts and trousers. This model has a very solid steel structure with wheels and an energy saving copper boiler with anti scale heating element, equipped with a professional steam brush. The steam brush is essential to sanitize, refresh and iron dried garments, in vertical or on an ironing board, as jackets, overcoats, shirts, general garments and fabric objects (carpets, curtains, blankets, tapestry, …).


(up to 500-600 shirts per week - required by a lot of companies but even by few private customers):
- Ironman C type SA11 for shirts (2.000 watt)
- Ironman P type SA12 for trousers (2.000 watt)
- Ironman RD type SA13 for overalls, long dresses, work overalls, shirts (2.100 watt)
- Ironman Steam type SA19 for shirts and trousers (3.650 watt)
Compared to the ones for domestic use, these professional models have:
- a more poweful heating element to reduce irondrying times
- a greater pressure and a more durable engine
- a better quality of the dress shirts, required for an intensive use
The model “Ironman Steam” type SA19 has also an energy saving copper boiler with anti scale heating element, equipped with a professional steam brush able to sanitize, refresh and iron dried garments, in vertical or on an ironing board, as jackets, overcoats, shirts, general garments and fabric objects (carpets, curtains, blankets, tapestry, …).

A special line of semiprofessional (Leonardo and Happy 2) and professional (Ironman) mannequins is designed for self services activities and activities with tokens service.
- Leonardo Self type SA07 for shirts and trousers (1.700 watt)
- Ironman C Self type SA14 for shirts (2.050 watt)
- Ironman P type SA15 for trouser (2.050 watt)
- Happy 2 Self type SA16 for shirts and trousers (1.800 watt)
- Happy 2 Self type SA17 for shirts and trousers with token machine (1.850 watt)
This devices respect precise safety regulations that the law establishes for commercial activities open to public, and so they have some features and components projected especially for this aim. Every irondryer has 5 years warranty (from the purchase) and it is directly provided by the producer Aeolus H&P all over the world. Aeolus customer care is available for any information and specification, also by telephone.