IronDryer automatically dries and irons shirts, blouses, polo-shirts, sweaters, jeans, trousers. It freshens up and sanitizes Clothes and Fabrics. 3 Programs IronDryer 4 in 1 A++ SA06 SP ECO INOX model. 5-wheel adjustable base. 5-year Warranty

It automatically dries and irons damp garments such as shirts, blouses, polos, sweatshirts, sweaters, trousers, jeans, bermuda shorts, etc. It freshens up clothes and removes bad smells, and it sanitizes fabrics with hot air. It allows you to gain free time, save effort and money, and it is gentle on delicate fabrics. 3 programs and 4 applications available. 5-wheel adjustable base. Made in Italy. 5-year Ecobrushless motor warranty.

Compared to traditional appliances and mannequins, EOLO IronDryer includes standard components used in professional ironing shops: A) The reinforced cotton vest. B) The patented jointed support for shoulder adjustment. C) N. 5 quick tensors with double Velcro to stretch the garment. D) N. 2 support tubes in anodized aluminum. E) The tank top for small size shirts. F) The low-noise Ecobrushless professional motor with 5-year warranty.

The product features 3 programs, each for a different purpose:
1. Drying and ironing shirts, blouses, polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, jeans
2. Drying and ironing t-shirts and sweaters
3. Freshening up clothes and ironing dry clothes vertically using a nebulizer
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Compared to similar products, EOLO IronDryers keep shirts and clothes well stretched, with high performance and low noise, and are equipped with a professional motor that allows 4 different applications.

The exclusive Ecobrushless motor allows the use of the air generator for 4 standard and optional applications in A++ efficiency: - IronDry, dry, iron with hot air and freshen up clothes with cold air - Professional fan heater with 360° heat diffusion - Sanitize dry fabrics thanks to the heat generated (optional "Sanyfan" cover) - Purifies room air thanks to the "SanAir" filtering system for dust, pollen and smells (optional filters).

For 60 years, EOLO Home & Professional has been manufacturing and distributing household and professional appliances worldwide. Each product provides the best functional performance over time with minimal energy consumption and is developed with "Green-Tech" technology. EOLO Home & Professional can offer original replacements, accessories, and assistance, and products may be customized upon request (IronDryers can be assembled specifically for particular sizes or special clothing).

This model is recommended for domestic use. The IronDryer makes drying and ironing easy and convenient (IronDrying). It irons and dries automatically and simultaneously damp garments such as shirts, blouses, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, trousers, jeans, bermuda shorts from size XS to size 3XL with hot air. It freshens up clothes and removes bad smells from jackets, coats, overcoats with cold air. It sanitizes dry fabrics with hot air. The IronDryer allows you to gain free time, it reduces any effort and it helps saving money, and easily irons garments while respecting fibers. This product eliminates the risk of creases, shiny reflections or burns that can sometimes be caused by traditional irons. The IronDrying temperature and pressure are automatically adjusted. The hot air jet and the pressure inside the bag, on which the damp garment is positioned, allow to iron and dry any type of fabric such as cotton, linen, flannel, silk, blends (cotton - polyester, etc.), shirts with short or long sleeves, with Italian collar, French style, button-down. Developed in Italy in professional ironing shops to generate the correct drying temperature and an optimal ironing pressure. A++ energy efficiency saves 50% of your electricity bill compared to traditional dryers and ironing systems. Motor body and internal components are made with light, resistant materials to ensure excellent strength with minimal weight. The low-noise Ecobrushless motor has been designed to iron and dry continuously, without interruption and, compared to other noisy appliances, it is safe for children and pets. It is complete with accessories for the correct lengthening of all shirt’s areas and a comfortable adjustable 5-wheel base. EOLO IronDryer Made in Italy. International patent. 5-year Ecobrushless professional motor warranty.


- Type: IronDryer
- Model: SA06 SP ECO INOX
- Recommended use: semi-professional use
- Maximum power: 1650 watts
- Motor type: Ecobrushless long-life 10+
- Energy Efficiency Class: A++
- Noise: Low
- Possibility of use: 24 hours without interruptions
- Engine warranty: 5 years
- Selectable programs: n.3
- Program n.1: Cold air to freshen up clothes and to iron vertically with ironing accessory
- Program n.2: Hot air for shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, trousers, jeans
- Program n.3: Hot air for t-shirts and sweaters
- Applications available: 4
- Application n.1: Dries and irons clothes
- Application n.2: Fan heater
- Application n.3: Air purifier (optional)
- Application n.4: Fabric sanitizer (optional)
- Professional accessories: Vest, shoulder rest, motor, Velcro tensioners
- Shirt vest size: XS to 3XL
- Trousers vest size: XS to 3XL
- Vest for small sizes: YES
- Professional Vest: YES
- Shoulder adjustment: YES
- Plastic parts material: V0 reinforced glass fiber
- Metal parts material: aluminum and stainless steel
- Heat indicator: YES
- Air inlet protective grille: YES
- Wheels: n.5
- Power control: knob
- Standard accessories: YES
- Optional accessories: Available on request
- Main Color: Grey
- Weight: 11 kg
- Dimensions: 50x50x160 cm

Optional accessories are also available on request:

"Best seller Award" (750,000+ models sold worldwide).
EOLO IronDryers are covered by an international patent.

Price (VAT included)

942,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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1.083,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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