The VAPOR ONE series includes advanced professional steam generators, characterised by the presence of a revolutionary energy saving copper boiler with an external anti-scale resistance to ensure high performances and reliability over time. The developed models have a different steam emission power, depending on the pressure and temperature needed, which allows to take effective action against any kind of dirt: grease, limescale, bacteria, dust mites, germs, fungi, etc.
Vapor One meets the demands of many different businesses:
- food and professional laboratories (restaurants, bakeries, dairies, confectioneries, grocery stores, etc.)
- places open to the public (hotels, farmhouses, hospitals, beauty salons, gyms, etc.)
- construction and cleaning companies
- car-washing services
- medical and dental consulting rooms
jewellery shops
- cork producing factories, etc.
A wide range of standard and optional accessories allows a very large variety of applications and a limitless use of steam power.