Semi-professional steam generator, model GV05 FULL

GV05 FULL is a professional steam generator with semi-continuous reload, characterised by the presence of the energy saving revolutionary copper boiler of 2,4 L. (0,63 gal.), a power of 1300 watts, with external anti-scale heating element to ensure high performance and reliability over time.
The copper boiler is the best technical solution for the steam production; in fact, compared with other metals, the copper boiler allows an exceptional thermal conduction, high resistance to corrosion and temperature changes, a greater lightness of the boiler to facilitate displacement and it is 100% recyclable with low disposal costs. For all these advantages, copper is also called "red gold".
GV05 FULL has a working pressure of 5 bar and a steam temperature of 165° C (329° F) which allows taking effective action in eliminating any kind of dirt such as grease, scales, bacteria, dust mites, germs, etc.
GV05 FULL has a wide range of standard (n. 9) and optional accessories that allow an easy and fast cleaning/sanitization in food and professional laboratories in compliance with the HACCP norms of hygiene (restaurants, bakeries and more), in places open to the public (hospitals, hotels, gyms and more), in construction and cleaning companies, in car washing services and more.
GV05 FULL is provided with a professional iron of 3.42 lb (1.55 kg) equipped with hand steam protection and the ALUMINIUM plate ensuring an homogeneous spread of the heat. The iron is able to iron vertically.
The model is equipped with professional steam brush with ajustable temperature. The steam brush vaporises, irons and brushes simultaneously clothings and objects made from textile in general. Allows to avoid shining marks, brushes and eliminates hair easy and quickly without burning the fabric. A particular form and a wide bristle base from "ECOSOFT" fiber of the steam brush ensures a quick and easy treatment of the clothing respecting the fabric.The steam brush is extremely handy in any position also for the ironing of the outerwear and on an ironing board. Ideal for the velvet, camel, casentino, suede, dark garments, couches, carpets of any type (with flat texture, long or shirt-haired), rugs, curtains, blankets, particular clothings in silk, satin,...The power reached by the steam brush also allows to clean and sanitize areas, surfaces and objects from fat, bacteries, dust mites, germs, fungi.
GV05 FULL is provided with: a professional generator for the continuous steam production, adjustable steam jet, a strong carrying handle, two switches with anti-spry cap, ready steam and water lack lights, a manometer, base with 4 wheels that allow an easy movement and 3 non-slip rubber pins.
Energetic class: A+++
GV05 FULL weight: 11 Kg. - 24,25 lb.
GV05 FULL dimensions: 25x33x38 cm. - 9,84x12,99x14,96 in.

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790,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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870,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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