Forefront technological solutions and the best components represent the strength of our ironing systems (for home, semi-professional and professional use). Our professional products are manufactured with a stainless steel shell and a copper boiler with external anti-scale heating element. These features give the best answer for demanding customers who require high performances and long lasting products, reduction of waiting times for steam production, efficient anti-scale systems and a practical energy saving for daily use.
The exceptional dry steam, such as the one used in laundry, not only allows with a single pass to iron even the most stubborn jeans, but also does not leave clothes damp: to iron with quality, speed and less effort as possible is the aim to reach. All our ironing systems have an electric iron with steam barrier (able to perform also vertical ironing) double switches for a possible dry use and indicator lights for steam ready and end of water. A simple maintenance makes them last forever.
The main advantages of AEOLUS ironing systems are:
1) Powerful dry steam production
2) Energy saving copper boiler for 40% of power savings compared to the conventional ironing systems
3) External anti-scale heating elements for a complete water vaporisation, longer steam production times and boiler durability
4) Semi-continuous or automatic refilling for a fast steam production
5) Indestructible stainless steel shell