2 - IRONS WITH BOILER - GV and AV series

Advanced technological solutions and latest generation components are the strong point of our ironing systems (for domestic, semi-professional and professional use).
Our professional products are made with a stainless steel shell and a copper boiler with an external anti-scale resistance. These features are the best solution for demanding customers who need high-performance and long-lasting products, shorter waiting times for steam production, efficient anti-scale systems and energy saving for daily use.
The exceptional dry steam, which is equivalent to the one employed in laundries, allows not only to iron the toughest fabrics with a single stroke, but also to prevent clothes from staying damp: to iron with quality, speed and minimal effort is our main goal. All our ironing systems feature an electric iron with steam barrier (to perform vertical ironing as well), double switches for dry use and indicator lights warning when steam is ready and when water is running low. A simple maintenance makes them last forever.
The main advantages of AEOLUS ironing systems are:
1) Powerful dry steam production
2) Low-consuming copper boiler for a 40% energy saving compared to conventional ironing systems
3)External anti-scale resistance for a complete water vaporisation, shorter steam production times and boiler durability
4) Semi-continuous or automatic refilling for a quick steam production
5) Highly resistant stainless steel shell