Professional ironing system GV05 INOX S with energy saving copper boiler and external heating element against limestone attacks (2,4 L.)

The model GV05 INOX S is made of stainless steel and equipped with copper boiler capable of saving energy and external heating element against limestone attacks enable to:
- wait less time in order to produce steam
- reduce the energy consumption in order to get the right steam pressure
- have good performances and reliability through time
- produce professional dry steam up to 2 hours of ironing with 1 liter water
The dry steam flow, like the one used in the professional laundries, doesn’t leave the clothes humid.
The copper boiler enables to save a big amount of energy: 4 hours of weekly ironing enable to save up to 80,00 Euros in a year comparing this ironing system to the other traditional ones (energetic efficiency A++).
The heating element is not in touch with the water in the boiler because it hugs the boiler in its external part: that’s the reason why, not being in touch with the water, the boiler develops a defense from limestone attacks.
All components such as thermostat, solenoid valve, pressure switch and cap with safety valve check automatically the perfect functioning of the steam generator by guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and the highest ironing quality.
GV05 INOX S, with half-continuous charge, produces steam just after a few minutes it’s been turned on and it’s equipped with a professional steam brush capable of producing steam, sanitizing, ironing and brushing at the same time and in every position. It avoids all kinds of bad effects on clothes and it removes hair by respecting every kind of clothes.
The special shape and the wide basis with bristles of ECOSOFT fiber give softness on clothes
The steam brush works in every position and it’s extremely easy to handle to iron the shoulders and on an ironing board, too .
Perfect for velvet, every kind of clothes, dark clothes, sofas, carpets of every kind (long-haired and short haired), moquette, curtains, blankets; particular dresses of silk ...
The ironing system includes a steel support for the iron cable, an iron rest, a support with four wheels against scratches and noise, a durable transport handle, a ready steam light, an end water light, 2 switches with water resistant cover (to activate independently brush and boiler), the manometer and a switch to personalize the intensity of the steam coming out from the brush.
High quality components for a perfect job!

Technical data:
- Power source 230 Volts
- Boiler capacity 2,4 liters
- Energy saving copper boiler power 1300 Watts (A++)
- Pressure 5 Bar
- Professional steam brush (850 Watt)
- Dry steam production (it doesn’t leave the clothes humid) and the opportunity of vertical ironing
- HALF-CONTINUOUS refilling (shorter times to produce steam)
- professional system against limestone
- Ready steam light
- End water light
- Manometer
- switch to personalize the intensity of the steam coming out from the brush
- Fast connection to replace the steam brush with the optional iron
- Support equipped with 4 wheels
- 2 switches with water resistant cover (to activate independently brush and boiler)(opportunity to iron without steam)
- Iron rest
- Transport handle
- Cable holder
- Closing cap with safety valve

On request this ironing system can be equipped with:
- professional iron for left hand users
- several models of irons of different weights
- Teflon shoe
- sponge to clean the sole
- steam hose coverage

Dimensions: 24,5x36,5x29 cm
Product weight: 7,0 Kg
Shipping weight: 9,0 Kg

Technical Data

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Price (VAT included)

597,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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