The excellence in terms of performance and functional durability over time.

A wide range of products for private customers, small/large companies and industries able to meet all cleaning requirements against any kind of dirt.
1- VAPOR ONEseries: latest generation professional steam generators
2- MOTOR VAPOR series: multifunctional innovative systems that combine the steam (or water) cleaning action with vacuuming
3- MOTOR ONE series: vacuum cleaners with high-performance vacuuming and filtering
4- MOTOR BRUSH series: compact sanding and polishing machines
5- MOTOR CLEAN series: practical scrubbing and sweeping machines
6- IDROBASE series: cold or hot water high-pressure washers
7- OZONE series: professional ozone cleaners


The VAPOR ONE series includes advanced professional steam generators, characterised by the presence of a revolutionary energy saving copper boiler with an external anti-scale resistance to ensure high performances and reliability over time. The developed models have a different steam emission power, depending on the pressure and temperature needed, which allows to take effective action against any kind of dirt: grease, limescale, bacteria, dust mites, germs, fungi, etc.
Vapor One meets the demands of many different businesses:
- food and professional laboratories (restaurants, bakeries, dairies, confectioneries, grocery stores, etc.)
- places open to the public (hotels, farmhouses, hospitals, beauty salons, gyms, etc.)
- construction and cleaning companies
- car-washing services
- medical and dental consulting rooms
jewellery shops
- cork producing factories, etc.
A wide range of standard and optional accessories allows a very large variety of applications and a limitless use of steam power.


Advanced multifunctional systems for a quick and efficient cleaning. The MOTOR VAPOR series presents innovative multifunctional systems that combine the cleaning action of steam or water with a powerful vacuuming. The steam power is obtained thanks to the revolutionary copper boiler with an external anti-scale resistance that ensures high performances and reliability over time. These devices offer the opportunity to simultaneously use the cleaning power of steam – or water – along with two-stage vacuuming engines and a “double porosity” antibacterial filtering system: this makes it easier to remove any type of dirt effectively, especially on large areas or surfaces. These innovative cleaning systems can vacuum not only dust but also liquids and solid materials.


The MOTOR ONE series consists of vacuum cleaners equipped with engines and high-performance filtering systems, designed for specific functions. These products are characterised by ease of use, high durability over time and low power consumption. Their purpose vary from domestic daily use in removing dust, liquids and solids to the efficient industrial use to dispose of toxic, harmful substances such as asbestos. The entire range is characterised by the optimisation of two essential factors: the vacuuming capacity and the filtration system. The former is obtained by combining depression and volume of the air vacuumed in 1 hour; the exclusive By-pass engines allow to achieve high vacuuming capacity values. Depending on models, then, the filtering system is characterised by either innovative antibacterial double-porosity filters, Hepa filters, traditional paper filters or a filtering system through water. All vacuum cleaners have a standard series of accessories, according to the cleaning function for which they were designed.


AEOLUS CLEANING LINE offers a renewed and evolved series of equipment for floor treatment, consisting of compact and easy-to-handle sanding and polishing machines. The MOTOR BRUSH series is the best solution in terms of quality and speed for cleaning, polishing, honing, and crystallising. These devices treat all kind of floor such as marble, granite, concrete, parquet, tiles, fired brick, stone and any surface from steps to a shopping centre floor. Thanks to the constant technological innovation, they are among the most efficient in the market in terms of results, strength, ease of use and noiselessness.


AEOLUS MOTOR CLEAN series includes the best range of sweepers and scrubbers on the market. These products can be used by anyone, and the opportunity to use them with ease and practicality makes the cleaning work fast on both small and large areas such as shops, gyms, driveways, shopping centres, warehouses, building sites, airports and so on. Our whole equipment has been designed to be efficient and easy to maintain. The range includes man-down and man-onboard machines with a surface cleaning extension varying from 350 to 740 mm.


The IDROBASE series includes special high-pressure washers as the result of a constant technological evolution and years of experience in the industrial sector. Cold water and hot water high-pressure washers with a new sophisticated design can be employed to work in every sector: households, car repair shops, building sites, food factories, car-washing services, agriculture and industries. We offer solutions to get the best cleaning results in a short time and in full safety, everyday, thanks to our wide choice of models with diversified characteristics.


The OZONE series is designed to improve air quality, killing bacteria and viruses, preventing mold growth, removing bad smells, etc. Our professional ozone generators are the most suitable solution for indoor air treatment, and they can be used in various sectors for sterilization and disinfection.