Professional vacuum cleaner with steam generator, model LP05 RA 5 Year Warranty A++ Efficiency

LP05 RA is an innovative professional vacuum cleaner with automatic reload steam generator that combine the cleaning action of steam along with a powerful aspiration: in this way is possible to work quickly and effectively.
LP05 RA is able to vacuum solids, liquids and dusts with an exhauster power of 1400 watt, it is characterised by the presence of the energy saving revolutionary copper boiler of 2,2 L. (0,58 gal.), a power of 1800 watts (n. 2 heating elements of 900 watt each one), with external anti-scale heating element to ensure high performance and reliability over time, it has a working pressure of 6 bar and a steam temperature of 165° C (329° F).
The copper boiler is the best technical solution for the steam production; in fact, compared with other metals or metal alloys, the copper boiler allows an exceptional thermal conduction, high resistance to corrosion and temperature changes, a greater lightness of the boiler to facilitate displacement and it is 100% recyclable with low disposal costs. For all these advantages, copper is also called "red gold".
LP05 RA has a wide range of standard (n. 16) and optional accessories that allow an easy and fast cleaning/sanitization in car washing services, in food and professional laboratories in compliance with the HACCP norms of hygiene (restaurants, bakeries, ... ), in places open to the public (hospitals, hotels, gyms, ... ), in construction and cleaning companies, in medical and dental consulting rooms, in jewellers, in cork processing factories, in disinfestation companies and more.
LP05 RA can be used with a non-foaming detergent that has to be introduced in the external detergent tank of 3 L. (0,79 gal.). The soap is sprayed on the area that needs to be cleaned in order to facilitate the dirt removal, before the steam passage and the simultaneous vacuum.
LP05 RA is decomposable in two independent parts: the steam generator and the vacuum cleaner in order to also work simultaneously in two different places (for example, a worker uses vacuum cleaner to remove dust from carpets and a second worker uses steam to clean the bathroom).
LP05 RA is provided with: a professional energy saving copper boiler, a stainless steel tank of 20 L. (5,28 gal.), a strong carrying handle, three switches with anti-spry cap, ready steam and water lack lights, base with 5 wheels anti-noise that allow an easy movement.

There is a wide range of standard accessories:

Steam-vacuum handle 2mt
N.2 Extensions 450mm
Nozzle for floor 300 mm
Brush insert 300 mm
Carpet insert 300 mm
Rubber insert 300 mm
Injection-extraction nozzle 150 mm
Bristles insert 150 mm
Windows cleaner nozzle 150 mm
Steam lance with accessories holder
PVC small brush
Small brush holder for heater
Small brush for heater
Rounded brush
Nozzle for upholsterer 145 mm

Upon request, this multifunctional cleaning system can be provided with optional accessories to work specifically:

- on the upholstery and carpeting of cars, sofas, (Injection-extraction nozzle AR061 M)
- for carpet and upholstery in large spaces (Injection-extraction nozzle AR061 L)
- steam handle, steam lance and small brush to be used with dual operator
- steam handle and nebuliser for sanitizing with chemicals

Energy efficiency: A+++
LP05 RA weight: 19 Kg. - 41,88 lb.
LP05 RA dimensions: 36x38x65 cm. - 14,17x14,96x25,59 in.

Technical Data

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Price (VAT included)

1.739,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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2.000,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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