Aeolus IronDryers are revolutionary devices able to DRY and IRON automatically and simultaneously damp clothing such as shirts, blouses, polo shirts, sweatshirts, gym overalls, white coats, trousers, jeans, skirts, and a lot of other clothes with warm air. IronDryers are comfortable and easy to use.

The damp garment (centrifuged in the washing machine) is positioned on the appropriate shirt or trouser drying-vest. All you need to do is to start the device and let the garment inflate with warm air from the inside, until dry.

Once the garment is correctly placed and stretched on the drying-vest thanks to specific tensor clips, the device dries and irons the fabric simultaneously, while the garment remains inflated and well stretched.

In just a few minutes the garment is ready to wear or to stock in the wardrobe. Everything is done easily, quickly and with no effort: no need to hang the garments and wait for them to dry anymore.


The IRONDRYERS are the result of years of experience in the professional laundry sector. They were born for the practical need to make ironing easier and to reduce its costs. Ironing is a tiring and expensive work, especially for shirts and not only in laundries, but also at home.

The genial insight of IronDryer’s inventor, Giovanni Squilloni, was that the wrinkles aren't fixed yet on the fabric while garments are still damp. If a garment dries with wrinkles, the user needs to remove them later with a steam iron. On the contrary, in case the fabric is drying well stretched, wrinkles disappear and there is no need to use the steam iron on the garment anymore.

This is the reason why every IronDryer has a special vest which adapts itself to the shirt or the trousers in inflation phase. It stretches the damp fabric (in touch with the internal fabric) and it dries and irons automatically. From this insight, the development and the research of a new revolutionary device has started. After 10 years testing, especially in professional ironing centers, we have presented an IRONDRYERS line for every need, from home to professional use in a company, in order to guarantee the maximum resistance and duration over time of the product.

In 10 years testing, more than 100.000 shirts and 50.000 trousers where IronDried. For this reason every IRONDRYER has a 5 years WARRANTY supplied by AEOLUS Appliances and a MADE IN ITALY certified quality. The special materials used for the drying vest, as well as each electric (engine/heating system) and mechanical component (accessories for stretching the garment during drying) have been studied and tested for the safety of use and operation.

We have given particular attention to identify easy and comfortable solutions to use the mannequins, in particular during the placement of the damp garment and during the removal of the IRONDRYED garment, so that everyone could be able to use the IRONDRYER. The IRONDRYERS allow a fast drying and an excellent automatic ironing with no effort for the operator, up to the shirts' cuffs and collar. They are able to respect all kind of fabric and to maintain the fiber unchanged for a longer time compared to the steam iron's hot plate.

IronDryers Line
Giovanni Squilloni


Vertical ironing is greatly convenient both in domestic and in professional use. Imagine a creased curtain, a folded tablecloth, a jacket or a dress: if these fabrics are already clean and they need to be ironed, ironing in vertical position makes life easier. The user is able to iron easily, quickly and with no effort compared to ironing the fabric using an ironing board, or a heavy steam iron. For this reason, AEOLUS developed 4 revolutionary and professional products for a fast and handy vertical ironing: STEAMY and STEAMY PLUS steam brushes, AGILE STEAM and AGILE DRY professional irons.

Inventor Giovanni Squilloni’s research focused on obtaining the same steam quality as the one used in professional laundries. This is the reason why he developed a special vaporizing chamber in aluminum, a very light metal able to excellently conduct the heat. This light vaporizing chamber allows to reheat the steam coming from the boiler in order to ensure a comfortable and fast professional ironing. The steam quality is able to iron efficiently and also to sanitize garments and general fabrics thanks to a thermostat regulated temperature (adjustable from 100 °C to 180 °C).




AEOLUS is the only company in the world to offer such a wide variety of ironing boards and tables. Household, semi-professional, professional and industrial ironing boards which represent the essential features of AEOLUS quality up to the smallest detail:
- Functional duration over time
- High performances
- Practicality of use
- Stability
- Homogeneous eat distribution
- "Green-Tech" production processes

The 34 base models are divided into:
- Household and semi-professional ironing boards series AT
- Professional ironing boards _ series AS and TS
- Industrial ironing boards _ series TP and TR

Thanks to a continuous research, AEOLUS is:

a) the first to include the blowing motor in addition to the vacuuming one and the anti-corrosion cataphoresis treatment.

b) the first one to introduce a control station with:
- Thermo images obtained through a thermograph, in order to optimize homogeneous heat diffusion on the ironing surface
- Electronic equipment to check the perfect balance and stability of each ironing board and table.

c) a special transpiration system to remove the risk of steam condensation.