The MOTOR ONE series consists of vacuum cleaners equipped with engines and high-performance filtering systems, designed for specific functions. These products are characterised by ease of use, high durability over time and low power consumption. Their purpose vary from domestic daily use in removing dust, liquids and solids to the efficient industrial use to dispose of toxic, harmful substances such as asbestos. The entire range is characterised by the optimisation of two essential factors: the vacuuming capacity and the filtration system. The former is obtained by combining depression and volume of the air vacuumed in 1 hour; the exclusive By-pass engines allow to achieve high vacuuming capacity values. Depending on models, then, the filtering system is characterised by either innovative antibacterial double-porosity filters, Hepa filters, traditional paper filters or a filtering system through water. All vacuum cleaners have a standard series of accessories, according to the cleaning function for which they were designed.