AV06S RA professional steam generator to clean and sanitize cooling systems

AV06S RA is the professional solution for the cleaning of radiators, traditional cooling systems and cooling systems with external units. Perfect for the cleaning of radiators both in offices and in houses, inside of banks, hospitals, hotels and many other public and private places.

AV06S RA is a steam generator to clean cooling systems. The clean radiator enables to save 30% – 40% of energy rather than traditional cleaning methods (foam, soaps ). The steam melts completely all the dirt inside the radiator. Through the steam cleaning it’s possible to avoid the appearance of any mold, virus or germs of the pneumophila, illness which comes from dirt air conditioning air.

AV06S RA respects both people and environment:
- Complete cleaning with just a few liters of water
- Assembled with recyclabe materials
- It requires no-toxic detergents which are environmentally friendly
-It decreases the usage of the radiator, so it makes possible to make it “live” more time.

AV06S RA guarantees to obey the law D.Lgs 81/08 as far as Health and Working Safety (all. IV – art. to the steam cleaning, all the internal unito of the radiator gets cleaned sanitized definitely, with a higher warranty of life quality.

- External unit bag
- Cassetta 4 vie
- Bag for radiator on wall
- Bag for floor
- Steam injection spear
- Water injection spear
- Water injection spear for long distances
- 2mt hose just for water

- Triangular spray
- Steam nebulizer
- Special indoor detergent – 5 kg
-Sanitizer – 5 Kg

- Power source 220-230V 50-60Hz
- Heating element power 1700W
- Steam boiler power1200W+1000W
- Pump power 180W
- Maximum power during usage2900W
- Steam pressure 5 bar
- Boiler capacity 2,8 lt
- Automatic boiler charge
- Tap to discharge the boiler
- Water tank capacity 10 lt
- Base with big gum wheels
- Carriage handle
- Tank for dirty water collection
- Warm and cold water washing
- Water charge tank 3 Lt
- Steam sanitizing

Dimensions: 39x44xh103 cm
Weight without accessories 29 kg
Weight with accessories34 kg


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3.757,00 Euro (230 Volts )
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