Professional steam ironing system GV11 INOX with energetic saving copper boiler and external anti-scale heating element provided with Iron and Steam Brush
(2,4 L. - 0,63 gal.)

GV11 INOX model is made in stainless steel and the energetic saving copper boiler with external anti-scale heating element allows:
- to produce professional dry steam for more than 3 hours before the refilling
- to decrease the waiting times for the steam production
- to reduce energy consumption to get the right steam pressure
- to obtain a great reliability in time.
The dry steam flow, as the one used in laundry, doesn't let garments damp. All components such as the thermostat, the steam solenoid valve, the pressure switch, and the safety cap check automatically the perfect operation of the steam generator guaranteeing the best efficiency and ironing quality.
GV11 INOX, with semi-automatic refilling, produces dry steam after few minutes from the start and has a professional Iron of 1,7 Kg. (3,42 lb.) and a professional Steam Brush of 0,7 Kg. (1,55 lb.) wich are able to iron comfortably in vertical position.
This ironing system is provided with: adjustable steam jet, manometer, iron, heat shield, comfortable cork handle and aluminium plate for an homogeneous heat diffusion and a low risk of reflection on velvet and dark fabrics, steam brush, special nylon fiber bristles of the steam brush give softness to the ironing action on the fabric and ensure a long lasting lifespan, a special steaming chamber inside in aluminum allows to heat the steam again, steam pipe support removable, platform ironrest, support base with 4 wheels and 3 anti-slip/anti-scratch pins, a strong handle to move and replace the boiler, ready steam and water lack lights, switch with anti-spry cap and high quality components for a perfect work.
The copper boiler allows a great energetic saving: 4 hours of ironing every week allow to save up to Euros 40,00 (USD$ 67,50) per year in comparison to the traditional irons with boiler. The heating element is not in contact with the water in the boiler, because it grabs the copper boiler externally: for this reason it is protected from limestone's attacks. It is possible to customize the iron and the plug as shown in the pictures.
Energetic Class: A++.

On request, this ironing system can be prepared in the following accessoires:
GV17 - professional steam brush
GV23 - professional iron 1.35 kg polished plate
GV29 - professional iron 1.65 kg open
GV35 - professional iron for left-handers
Optional accessories :
- teflon shoe
- abrasive sponge for cleaning the plate
- steam pipe cover

Technical Data

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Features and Advantages

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Price (VAT included)

GV11 - 680,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
GV17 - 680,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
GV17 - 749,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
GV23 - 658,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
GV29 - 724,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
GV35 - 658,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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