AV01 SS RA professional ironing system with energy-saving copper boiler, external anti-limescale heating element and automatic refilling

The AV01 SS RA model is made with an energy-saving copper boiler and external anti-limescale resistor, which makes it possible to
- reduce waiting times for steam production
- reduce energy consumption to obtain the correct steam pressure
- have high performance and reliability over time
- produce professional dry steam 24 hours a day

The dry steam flow, like that used in professional laundries and ironing rooms, does not leave clothes damp. The copper boiler provides great energy savings compared to conventional boilers (energy efficiency A++).
The heating element is not in contact with the water introduced into the boiler because it embraces the copper boiler externally: for this reason, by not touching the water, it is protected from lime scale.
All components – thermostat, solenoid valve, pressure switch and closing cap with safety valve – automatically control the correct operation of the steam generator, ensuring efficiency and ironing quality.
AV01 SS RA, with automatic recharging, produces dry steam just a few minutes after switching on and has two professional steam brushes capable of steaming, sanitising, ironing and brushing at the same time in any position that avoids scuffing, polishing, combing and removing hair easily and quickly in respect of any type of fabric.
The special shape and the wide base with ECOSOFT fibre bristles of the steam brush give the ironing action on the fabric a soft touch.
The steam brush works in any position and is also extremely handy for ironing coats and over an ironing board.
Ideal for velvet, loden, camel, chamois, dark clothes, sofas, carpets of all kinds (flat-weave, short or long pile), carpets, curtains, blankets; special satin, silk clothes, ...
The ironing system features a 10-litre tank for automatic refilling, two steel supports to hold the brushes, a base with 4 non-scratch and anti-noise wheels, 3 power switches with anti-drip caps (to activate the brushes and boiler independently), a pressure gauge and two knobs for adjusting the intensity of the steam coming out of the steam brushes.
High quality components for excellent results!

- 230 Volts power supply
- AUTOMATIC boiler recharging (via external tank)
- Energy-saving copper boiler power (900+900) 1800 Watt (A++)
- Operating pressure 3 Bar (as standard in professional ironing shops)
- 2 steam brushes with adjustable temperature (350 Watt)
- Dry steam production (does not leave clothes damp)
- Enabled for vertical ironing
- Professional anti-limescale system
- Pressure gauge to indicate the pressure inside the boiler
- Steam brush ignition switches
- No. 2 Boiler ignition switches to activate one or both heating elements and reduce energy consumption according to ironing needs
- Possibility to use both steam brushes at the same time
- Possibility to dry iron without switching on the boiler
- External accessory attachment pins
- Base with 4 wheels
- Two steel supports for brushes
- Closing cap with safety valve
- External 10-litre tank for automatic refilling included

On request, this ironing system can be equipped with
- professional left-handed iron
- iron models of different heights
- spotting gun
- Teflon insole
- abrasive sponge for cleaning the soleplate
- steam hose cover

Dimensions: 13.7x13.7x33.4 in (35x35x85 cm)
Product weight: 39.6 lb. (18 kg)
Shipping weight: 52.9 lb. (24 kg)

Technical Data

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Price (VAT included)

1.350,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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1.553,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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