Professional rectangular vacuum and heated ironing board with thermostat, model AS09
(112x50 cm – 44.09x19.68 in)

AS09 professional rectangular ironing board is equipped with a 700-watt heated ironing board, a powerful 150-watt vacuum motor, automatic temperature regulation via thermostat, min. 30°C - max. 90°C (86°F to 194°F), and a vacuum ironing arm.
The rectangular 44.09x19.68 in (112x50 cm) ironing board makes it easier to iron sheets, tablecloths, and flat linen.
The heated ironing board softens the fibres of the clothes and makes ironing easier and less tiring.
The vacuum motor keeps the garment to be ironed still, eliminates steam condensation, and secures the ironing.
The motor is activated via a convenient foot pedal.

The AS09 model is equipped with a removable, vacuum ironing arm.
All these features allow to iron with comfort, speed, and greater efficiency.
There is a sturdy iron rest of 14.17x6.29 in (36x16 cm): after folding the ironing board upright, it can be stored away without taking up space.
The height of the ironing board can be adjusted and the excellent stability of the ironing board is achieved thanks to the presence of wide supporting legs, inside of which is the 10.23x39.37 in (26x100 cm) garment or boiler rest board.
It's the ideal professional solution for both domestic use and for small and large businesses such as ironing shops, laundries and hotels.
High quality components and powerful professional motors make our ironing boards superior to others on the market.

- 230 Volts power supply
- N. 1 vacuum motor 150 watt
- Ironing board power 700 watt
- Ironing board temperature adjustable by thermostat
- Width of boiler and/or garment rest: 10.23x39.37 in (26x100 cm)
- Iron rest board: 14.17x6.29 in (36x16 cm)
- Vacuum ironing arm (heated on request)
- Adjustable height
- Bending support rod
- Energy class: A++

Ironing board dimensions: 44.09x19.68 in (112x50 cm)
Width of boiler and/or garment rest: 10.23x39.37 in (26x100 cm)
Iron rest board dimensions: 14.17x6.29 in (36x16 cm)
Product weight: 44 lb. (20 kg)
Shipping weight: 57.32 lb. (26 kg)

Technical Data

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844,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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970,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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