Professional ironing board for intensive domestic use, model AT08 ARS
(47.25x17.71 in – 120x45 cm)

AT08 ARS is made of chrome-plated metal with a highly breathable ironing board thanks to a special steel mesh.
Wide chromium-plated tube supports with a diameter of 1.25 in (32 mm) give the ironing board excellent stability and, at the same time, lightness, practicality, and ease of movement.
AT08 ARS is equipped with a 50-watt vacuum motor and a 50-watt blower motor, conveniently activated by the foot pedal connected to the ironing board.
The vacuum motor eliminates steam condensation, keeps the fabric close to the ironing board and secures the ironing on the garment: in this way, ironing is more comfortable, faster and of better quality.
The heated ironing board softens the fibres of the garment and makes ironing easier and less tiring.
The powerful blowing motor creates a cushion of hot air for ironing velvet and dark garments, eliminating the risk of shiny spots, bringing fibres back to life and giving thickness and softness to light cotton and wool fabrics lost during washing.
A special cataphoresis anti-rust treatment makes the worktop reinforced against corrosion, resistant to the high temperatures of the iron plate and, therefore, unalterable over time.
AT08 ARS is equipped with a smooth flannel cover with a spring clip and a 7-position adjustable ironing board height, it has an electrical socket positioned to the rear of the ironing board to connect the plug of an ironing system or an iron.
This ironing board has a maximum width of 47.25x17.71 in (120x45 cm) and the support for the iron, with or without boiler, measures 17.12x11.02 in (43.5x28 cm).
The special shape of the ironing board tip allows you to comfortably iron clothes in the most difficult areas.
The choice of high-quality components makes our ironing boards superior to others commonly available on the market.

Energy class: A++
Weight: 49.78 lb. (18.5 kg)
Ironing board dimensions: 47.25x17.71 in (120x45 cm)
Ironing board dimensions when closed: 19.68x59.05x7.48 in (50x150x19 cm)
Iron rest/ironing board dimensions: 17.12x11.02 in (43.5x28 cm)

Technical Data

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