AT17 VRA professional ironing table (47.6x17.3 in – 121x44 cm), folding top, vacuum and blowing motor with heated top, complete with iron and steam generator with energy-saving boiler with automatic recharge, console with electronic display

This ironing table is equipped with a 3.7 lb. (1.7 kg) professional iron with steam guard and aluminium soleplate with even heat distribution that can also be used for vertical ironing.
AT17 VRA is also equipped with a professional steam generator inside which there is a boiler with an external anti-limescale resistor that allows a reduction of the waiting time for the production of dry steam (automatic recharge).
The flow of dry steam, like that used in the laundry, does not leave clothes damp and its intensity can be adjusted manually by means of an external knob.
It is possible to introduce tap water into the boiler thanks to the presence of an anti-limescale system; the 'steam chamber' generated inside the boiler ensures that dry steam comes out as soon as the boiler is pressurised and the professional iron is set to 'wool', 'cotton' or 'linen': this solves the problem of 'dragging' thanks to the presence of a safety duct that allows the introduction of about 80% water compared to the boiler volume.
Precise instruments such as thermostat, steam solenoid valve and pressure relief valve automatically control the perfect operation of the steam generator.
Simple maintenance with water and vinegar will keep the product long-lasting.

AT17 VRA is equipped with a vacuum and blowing motor.
The vacuum motor, which is automatically activated by pressing the steam button on the iron, keeps the garment to be ironed still, eliminates steam condensation, and allows ironing with comfort, speed and greater efficiency.
The blowing motor creates a cushion of hot air for ironing velvet and dark garments, eliminating the risk of shiny spots, reviving fibres and giving thickness and softness to light cotton and wool fabrics, lost during washing.
The heated ironing board softens garment fibres and makes ironing easier and less tiring.
A special cataphoresis anti-rust treatment makes the ironing board reinforced against corrosion, resistant to the high temperatures of the iron plate and, therefore, unalterable over time.
All these features allow you to iron with comfort, speed, and greater efficiency.
This ironing table has an ironing board with dimensions 47.6x17.3 in (121x44 cm). The special shape of the ironing board tip allows you to comfortably iron clothes in the most difficult places.
The choice of high-quality components makes our ironing boards superior to others on the market.
Base with wheels for easy movement.

- Power supply 230 Volts / 50 Hz
- N. 1 new generation energy-saving 25-watt vacuum and blowing motor
- Worktop power 200 watt
- Heated ironing board
- Console with electronic display
- Stainless steel boiler capacity 1.9 litres
- Boiler power 1300 watt
- Automatic recharge
- Professional 3.7 lb. (1.7 kg), 800-watt iron
- Removable soleplate
- No. 2 wheels for easy movement
- Energy efficiency: A++

Ironing board dimensions: 47.6x17.3 in (121x44 cm)
Ironing board dimensions when open: 53.5x17.3x41.3 in (136x44x105 cm)
Ironing board dimensions when closed: 54x17.3x9.4 in (137x44x24 cm)
Product weight: 59.5 lb. (27 kg)
Shipping weight: 68.3 lb. (31 kg)

Optional accessories on request:
- Non-heated ironing arm
- Gas spring
- Iron support

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