Professional vacuum, blowing and heated ironing board with thermostat, model AS01
(112x42 cm – 44.09x16.53 in)

AS01 professional ironing board is equipped with a 700-watt heated ironing board, two powerful motors of which one is a vacuum, and one is a blowing motor of 150 watts each, an automatic temperature control via thermostat, min. 30°C - max. 90°C (86°F - 194°F), and a vacuum and blowing ironing arm.
The 44.09x16.53 in (112x42 cm) heated ironing board softens the fibres of the garments and makes ironing easier and less tiring.
AS01 features a powerful vacuum motor that keeps the garment still, eliminates steam condensation and allows to iron with comfort, speed, and more efficiency.
The second powerful blowing engine creates a cushion of hot air for the ironing of velvet and dark garments, eliminating the risk of shiny spots, bringing fibres back to life and giving thickness and softness to light cotton and wool fabrics.
AS01 has a sturdy boiler (or iron) rest with dimensions of 16.33x10.23 in (41.5x26 cm), equipped with two wheels: after folding the ironing board vertically, it can be easily moved and stored without taking up much space.
All these features allow ironing with comfort, speed and greater efficiency.
The height of the worktop can be adjusted, and the excellent stability of the ironing board is achieved thanks to the wide support legs, inside of which is the garment rest.
High quality components and powerful professional motors make our ironing boards superior in comparison with others on the market.

- 230 Volts power supply
- 2 motors: one vacuuming, 150 watt and one blowing, 150 watt
- Ironing board power: 700 watt
- Ironing board temperature adjustable by thermostat
- Boiler and iron rest: 16.33x10.23 in (41.5x26 cm)
- Removable garment holder
- 2 wheels to move the board when closed
- Vacuuming and blowing sleeve ironing arm (heated on request)
- Adjustable height
- Energy class: A++

Ironing board dimensions: 44.09x16.53 in (112x42 cm)
Boiler/garment holder dimensions: 16.33x10.23 in (41.5x26 cm)
Product weight: 39.68 lb. (18 kg)
Shipping weight: 52.9 lb. (24 kg)

Technical Data

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727,00 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
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836,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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