MG01 M professional roller ironer – 32x7 in (80x18 cm)

The ironing basin is made of extruded and anodised aluminium: the extruded surface eliminates all distortions, while the deep anodising treatment makes the surface hard and resistant to chemicals, eliminating any corrosion problems. The roller is lined with a triple layer of soft steel wool, a double layer of jute that prevents any material dispersion, a layer of cotton and an outer cloth, also in cotton, that allows the ironing of flat linen with the best professional results.

MG01 M guarantees excellent ironing performance over time and low energy consumption. The ironing plate is made of extruded and anodised aluminium and is therefore extremely smooth and remains so at any temperature. The aluminium not only reaches the set temperature quickly, but it also guarantees excellent heat output. Unlike conventional ironers, the heating elements of the MG01 M are integrated inside the ironing plate and the heating is generated from inside the basin. The thermal insulation is made of ceramic fibre to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum heat loss to the environment (A++).

Simple and versatile
The MG01 M roller ironer can be placed close to the wall and only requires one operator. It is equipped with a wooden introduction board, which can be rotated to facilitate the insertion of the linen, depending on whether the operator is working seated or standing, and a finger-saver rod which, when activated, reverses the rotation direction of the roller and raises the basin to protect the operator in the event of accidental manoeuvres.

Safe ironing
MG01 M is equipped with an electronic safety thermostat that prevents the basin from overheating, a thermal protection for the gear-motor, thick thermal insulation to prevent both heat dispersion and energy waste, and a momentary roller stop pedal to enable the laundry to be laid out on the inlet. The temperature control system has 3 pre-set values: 100°C, 150°C, 200°C.

- Power supply: 220-240 Volts
- Roller dimensions: 32x7 in (80x18 cm)
- Single-frontal loading
- Roller speed 2.1 mt/m
- Automatic basin movement
- Energy-saving electric heating (A++)
- Average hourly consumption: 1.2 kW/h
- Maximum power consumption: 2 kW
- Thermal and mechanical operator protection systems

Product dimensions: 39x14x19 in (100x36x47 cm)
Product weight: 115 lb. (52 kg)
Shipping weight: 157 lb. (71 kg)

Technical Data

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