MG10 T professional roller ironer – 126x16 in (320x40 cm)

Large-size roller ironer equipped with a 126 in long roller and a 16 in diameter, roller pressure adjustment system to optimise ironing quality in every situation (creases and difficult fabrics), vacuum motor and electronic control system that allows to modulate the vacuum power, create or customise ironing programmes. The extruded and anodised aluminium alloy soleplate ensures an excellent ironing surface, unalterable over time and inert to chemical agents (e.g. chlorine residues in fabrics).

MG10 also features a special perforated roller with a movable plate structure that simply requires a layer of NOMEX® felt. This roller/plate system is designed to iron even wet linen with up to 40-45% humidity.

MG10 guarantees excellent ironing performance over time with low energy consumption. The MG10 ironing plate is made of extruded and anodised aluminium and is therefore extremely smooth and remains so at any temperature. In fact, the aluminium not only reaches the set temperature quickly, but also guarantees excellent heat output.

Safe ironing
MG10 is equipped with an electronic safety thermostat that prevents the basin from overheating, thermal protection for the gear-motor, thick thermal insulation to prevent heat dispersion and energy wastage, a momentary roller stop pedal so that the laundry can be ironed on the inlet, emergency buttons and a finger-protection band, which reverses the direction of rotation of the roller in the event of incorrect operation by the user.

- Power supply: 380-415 Volts
- Roller dimensions: 126x16 in (320x40 cm)
- Single-frontal loading
- Adjustable roller speed 1.8 - 4.4 mt/m
- Automatic basin movement
- Energy saving electric heating (A ++)
- Average hourly consumption: 29 kW/h
- Maximum power consumption: 48.6 kW
- Vacuum motor
- Thermal and mechanical operator protection systems

Product dimensions: 162x37x47 in (411x94x120 cm)
Product weight: 1,676 lb. (760 kg)
Shipping weight: 1,874 lb. (850 kg)

Technical Data

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