Industrial ironing table TP06 suction, heated and blowing with professional iron

EOLO offers a large variety of solutions and options able to meet the needs of any working requirements of large industry: industrial laundries, ironing structures, knitwear, clothing industries and accomodation structures in general.
The TP06 industrial ironing table has a heated suction motor of 120x40 cm, two high performance suction and blower motors, a professional iron to be connected to a steam source, double pedal kit for ironing on both sides, a shelf rests clothing, power buttons and control indicators.

Technical charasteristics
- Voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
- Worktop height 92 cm
- Power worktop 1100 W
- Suction motor power 0,5 HP
- Blower motor power 0,5 HP
- Professional iron 900 W
- Medium steam consumption 5/6 Kg/h
- Steam operating pressure 5 BAR
- Double pedal kit for ironing on both sides
- Ironing surface dimensions: 120x40 cm
- Ironing table dimensions: 59x160x94 H cm
- Weight: 94 kg

The customer can choose a wide variety of models and options to customize the industrial ironing table and best meet your needs.

Optional accessories on request:
- Suction sleeve ironing arm
- Blowing kit on the arm
- Coin validador kit
- Aire/steam gun kit
- Steam gun kit
- Steam brush kit
- Wire support with rocker arm
- Wire support with rocker arm and light
- Condensate drain
- Swivel iron rest
- Second iron kit
- Professional iron for left-handers
- Iron models of different weight
- Maxi ironing board 1600 W 50x130 cm

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Scarica PDF

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