Professional rectangular ironing board (129x51 cm. - 50,78x20,07 in.), model TS09

TS09 is provided with an heated ironing board of 700 watt, two powerful vacuum engines of 150 watt each one, an automatic regulation of the temperature through a thermostat adjustable from 30° C. to 90° C. (from 86° F. to 194° F.) and a professional electric iron. The heated ironing board of 129x51 cm. (50,78x20,07 in.) soften the garment's fibres and makes the ironing less tiring.
TS09 has two vacuum engines that allow to keep the garment to be ironed, eliminate steam condensation and allows to iron with comfort, speed and more efficiency.
TS09 has a robust support for the iron of 36x16 cm. (14,17x6,29 in.), the ironing board can be closed in vertical and it can be put away without taking up space and it is provided with a steam pipe support. The height of the ironing board is fixed at 90 cm. (35,43 in.) and the excellent stability of the ironing board is ensured by the extensible support base over which there is a plan to place the ironed garments.
TS09 has an energetic saving copper boiler with anti-scale heating element of 3,5 L. (0,92 gal.) with a power of 1300 watt. It has a steam working pressure of 3 bar (such as used in the professional laundries) and a steam iron power of 850 watt. The copper boiler is the best technical solution for the steam production at domestic level and at professional level; in fact, compared with other metals or metal alloys, the copper boiler allows an exceptional thermal conduction, high resistance to corrosion and temperature changes, a greater lightness of the boiler to facilitate displacement and it is 100% recyclable with low disposal costs. For all these advantages, copper is also called "red gold".
TS09 allows to iron in vertical position, it is provided with: dry steam, heat shield and removable iron rest, ready steam and water lack lights and adjustable steam jet, manometer.
The choice of high quality components and the use of a copper boiler and powerful engines makes our ironing boards superior in comparison with the others in commerce.
Energetic class: A++
TS09 weight: 40 Kg. - 88,18 lb.
TS09 dimensions: 129x51 cm. - 50,78x20,07 in.
TS09 support for iron dimensions: 36x16 cm. - 14,17x6,29 in.

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1.571,90 Euro (220 - 230 - 240 Volts)
1.729,00 Euro (110 - 120 - 127 Volts)
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