Sales conditions


Eolo Product "Total Quality"

All our products are new and sealed, not used or reconditioned. All items are tested with a double check and they have a warranty sticker seal to confirm the quality of the equipment as "New". The product with removed warranty sticker seal is NO MORE considered by EOLO H&P as "New" item, even if partially used. Therefore this product will NEVER be proposed again by EOLO H&P as "New".
Products with removed warranty sticker seal are subjected to what is expected for the exceptions shown in the section concerning the right of return and return policy agreed from international law.
This method guarantees the total quality of EOLO H&P product and of all its parts; for example the iron plate, the cover of the ironing boards, the filter for vacuum cleaners, the steam nozzles handles of cleaning systems, the "dress shirts" of IronDryers, ...

Return Policy

The right of return may be exercised within 14 (fourteen) days after the receipt of goods to the customer's house, under penalty of the effect the end of the law itself. The buyer wishing to exercise the right of return must notify, within that peremptory period, through communication to EOLO Elettrodomestici S.r.l. and provide for the prompt return of the product subject of sale INTACT and no later than the fourteenth business day from the delivery of the goods.
The shipment of the returned product must be INSURED.
EOLO Elettrodomestici will refund within the 30 (thirty) following days to the buyer the amount paid for the purchase of the goods, excluding postage costs. The refundable amount is equal to the product cost, excluding the costs for the shipment to his house and for the return of goods to EOLO Elettrodomestici for the possible exercise of the right of return that however have to be paid by the buyer.
The buyer is obliged to return the goods using a pack RECOMMENDED INSURED IN FREE PORT.